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Character Playlists and News! - Glam★Fur [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Character Playlists and News! [Mar. 8th, 2012|08:46 pm]



sugarpillrx and myself have been working on some things (mostly I've been talking with saturnine), including a forum and a new lj community. I'm hoping to kind of integrate these into the website as I work on it, and we'll probably find another domain for the site as well, but you can still visit glamfur.com for the time being since this is down the road a bit.

we kind of want to use the term "Pretty Monsters" as opposed to "Glamfur" since it's a much less limiting term.  I personally like it a lot more and it applies more to my demon characters as well which rocks.. BUT ANYWAY.

I also have something fun to share, and I'd love it if you guys wanted to join in as well. Character Playlists!

Here's mine, now show me yours! If you link them I will update this journal and post them below.

Wiseman Multiple Characters Playlists
adkstudiosMultiple Characters Playlists
FrugalFruit Yayako Playlist

[User Picture]From: adkstudios
2012-03-18 11:42 pm (UTC)
http://www.youtube.com/user/dorkmoon/videos?view=1 here y'are :D
as I said on DA, super excited about all of this. I have a friend whose stuff is far more nature-oriented who loves all the art I've shown her and the artists in here who is hoping to become more active online and she said she likes the term pretty monsters better, too. What with fashions like dolly kei and mori becoming popular, characters influenced by that may not be that glammy but could still fit with the overall themes and characters existing within the community that I've seen, especially in recent trends. :)
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[User Picture]From: sugarpillrx
2012-04-28 07:29 am (UTC)
we're really excited too :333
we've been talking about it here and there for months... now that i'm getting a slightly better handle on my health we can finally get going on things~ going to take some time since we both have work to get done haha but we're working on lots of exciting things, we want to take the time to this to get done right. definitely gonna be big announcements once we feel everything is set up to that point ;)
there were a lot of things we talked about, what you mentioned was one of them. we sort of came up with a lot of terms, "pretty monsters" "glitterbombers" "candypunk" etc as so much more fitting~ i think it will still be more focused on cute, candy, glam etc things but like squeek mentioned the big part of it is to make it not limiting. there are other things that i won't go into, but we kind of felt like the word has become "loaded" in a sense and the state of the community could be so much more. one of the biggest things is that we want to erase the line not just between anthro and human art, but be inclusive of and share ALL types of art, even crafting.. i had the idea in my head, and i know squeek always wanted that from the very beginning, but we can't do it alone- i'm so so so happy we can work on this together ♥ ♥ ♥

x saturnine
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[User Picture]From: adkstudios
2012-05-01 12:34 am (UTC)
human art...would be fantastic. I'm never sure if I "can" post human art in the glamfur group for the sole reason that it's human, even though it's often human forms, friends, or lovers of my anthro characters :x And sharing even just mood art would be neat. I have a friend who draws mostly just unicorns these days...and a lot of colorful weird animals, and I always felt she'd like the group. Exquisitemotte mostly draws people and would probably be thrilled at the aspect of posting more in/around the community too. I feel like you can split the group into those categories and more....just looking at glamfur.tumblr.com says so :)
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[User Picture]From: adkstudios
2012-06-20 03:34 pm (UTC)
This is really exciting to hear. I have so many friends that would be able to participate if the group was more open, and while I understand the work is largely cute/candy/glam etc. a lot of the more gothy elements would be perfect for some artists I know to jump in on if this wasn't so connected to even human/anthro art. I'm so excited about this group and where it'll go <33 I'm making some paper dolls soon for the site, working that out with Squeek. Very excited!
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