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candy spooky [Jan. 6th, 2012|02:34 am]


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hi ;)

we already typed out a big journal about everything, and i'm sure it's pretty obvious from the characters who this is so i won't bother with a big long explanation or intro...
instead, please check out the journal entry we made about it here or here.

we just wanted to get you all the heads up, so... here, have some arts!

yum*pop & lollirot

yum and lolli again~

hush & lullabye

you can find our art here:



we posted some old kinda embarrassing stuff (that i'm sure everyone has already anyway) for kicks. it's in our scraps if you feel like looking :)

feel free to follow this livejournal too. we'd love to do a couple of simple trades (if anyone is interested please PM us on our dA or FA accounts so we can keep everything together), and will be taking commissions soon as well- so all of that information will be kept there along with progress stuff and probably cute little sketches and things~

ummm i think that's all i really wanted to say, so...

PLUR, bitches!
☆ saturnine of xsugarpill

[User Picture]From: blasphemusfish
2012-01-06 02:17 pm (UTC)
Hay guys, it's nice to hear from you cx
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[User Picture]From: ikirouta_fox
2012-01-08 03:37 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I really like your art! Waiting for commission info. :3
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[User Picture]From: sugarpillrx
2012-01-09 09:49 pm (UTC)
oh hey! thank you ♥
it will be up soon! it'll get posted/linked to on our gallery sites, but i think we're going to keep all commish info/updates/etc on lj so it's all in one place. feel free to add us on here if you want.
right now we have quite a bit more art of our own characters we want to get up (ROG antique beat me getting her ref up), plus some gifts and we just took on a couple of simple trades... so i think i'm ('nine) going to be doing some little inexpensive headshots to start out with... it'll all be explained further in the post :3

yeee it makes me so happy to see everyone else so happy again, seriously ☆
xox saturnine
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[User Picture]From: adkstudios
2012-01-14 04:13 pm (UTC)
your art is fly. I wasn't around back when but I think I've seen people draw these characters...and this stuff is too CUTE. <3
watchin on here for sure!
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